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The World Endometriosis Research Foundation (WERF) is a global charity that strives to end endometriosis for good. With a strong team of researchers, WERF facilitates international studies to improve the knowledge of endometriosis and to develop treatments so that women no longer have to suffer with this life-changing, chronic condition.

Endometriosis is diagnosed when the tissue that behaves like the lining of the womb is found outside of the womb. Unfortunately, it is a common condition affecting around 2 million women in the UK alone. The condition can cause a number of problems, such as pain in the abdomen, depression, and in devastating cases, infertility.

WERF’s goal is to create a future, through extensive research and development, where no woman has to suffer at the hands of endometriosis, or find themselves unable to have children. WERF wants to see a day where this condition can be prevented. To achieve this, WERF have created a platform that allows for global collaboration among researchers, enabling collaborative studies to take place at all international research centres.

Ultimately, WERF aims to translate its research findings and results into viable treatments that will provide solutions for women affected by endometriosis.
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